Our Film & Television Services

With many years of experience in the administering and collecting of film and television secondary rights, Conexion Media is perfectly placed to maximise these revenue streams for our clients.
If you are a producer or distributor of programmes and films we will help you ensure that you retain your rights and through our well established relationship with all revenue sources we will locate, track and collect all revenues generated from broadcasts and sales in all media formats for your productions.
We are able to provide assistance to ensure that, as a producer or distributor, your contracts are correctly defined for you to retain your rights to this significant income stream.  
Our clients have included :
Blueprint Productions
Broadcast Marketing
Cinevolve Studios
Comcast International Media Group
Echelon Studios
Fortune Star
Goldcrest Films
Hearst Entertainment
Image Entertainment
Janson Media
MMY Productions
Mountain Road Entertainment
RO*CO Films International
Telenext Media
Times Group of India (Bollywood)
Vanguard Cinema
Venus Films (Bollywood)
Village Productions