Martin Gates Productions and Conexion Media

Mon Aug 19 12:22:00 BST 2013

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary the multi-award winning animation production company, Martin Gates Productions Limited, has joined forces with Conexion Media Group plc to re-launch their library worldwide. 

As part of their strategy the 40 hour programme catalogue has been upgraded to broadcast HD standards and they have appointed Monster Entertainment to handle worldwide distribution. 

The first of the properties to be upgraded are The Dreamstone, Mole’s Christmas, Bimble’s Bucket and Santa’s Last Christmas. Monster Entertainment will be launching the catalogue at MIPJNR and MIPCOM 2013.

Martin Gates announced “we are very pleased to be working with Conexion and Monster and happy for the fans that have been agitating for so long on the web for the return of these programmes”.

Mark Rowland, Head of New Business for Conexion, said “we have worked with Martin for many years handling his music rights and are pleased that we have further cemented our relationship by developing and managing a strategy for the re-launch of these great shows and to have Monster on board will ensure maximum exposure for the library”.

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Chairman at Monster Entertainment, commented “We are delighted to be working with Martin Gates, a legend of the animation industry and our wonderful friends at Conexion to bring these rejuvenated classics to a new generation of children”.